Vintage 2020
Le cantine - Winery
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Cari amici il prosecco 2020 è pronto. Ci ricordiamo di bellissimi Vinitaly passati con alcuni di Voi.
Dear customer, Prosecco vintage 2020 is ready. We remind of beautiful Vinitaly years passed together171280510 1477847152583504_405780306337908402_n
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Le cantine - Winery
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Scegli di aiutarci come amante della natura o enoturista
Le cantine - Winery
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Un cordiale benvenuto 


L' estate sembra alle porte, noi cerchiamo di produrre le nostre uve sane e di favorire i vini italiani.

Continuate a supportare i vini alta qualità  come DOC e DOCG.

Evitate cocktail troppo alcolici

Puntate  sulle bollicine




Scegli un buon perlage , magari un Valdobbiadene  DOCG



Dear follower

We hope that summer is coming, we try to produce good grapes and to choose italian wines.

Go on on supporting italian wines DOC and DOCG


Don' t drink too much cocktails 

Choose the best perlage, like Valdobbiadene  Prosecco.


Stay tuned on white passion

Colmagro Tezze di Piave
Le cantine - Winery
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Buongiorno amici

Parlando  di vini rossi veneti, in particolare di quelli trevigiani,  quale e' il miglior Raboso o il miglior Passito?

Tanti direste....

Be' parlando di un vino in particolare,  del Raboso Doc Piave  e anche della sua massina espressione Malanotte del Piave Docg l' azienda  di Colmagro a Tezze, località  di Vazzola, non lascia particolari dubbi sull' eccelsa qualità  dei suoi prodotti, anzi la farei  rientrare sicuramente tra i migliori 10 della provincia.

Per il raboso forse sarei per il podio...

We love red wine ..we love raboso


Buongiorno  continuate a seguirci e visitate l' azienda  Colmagro, oppure contattami ad This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   per informazioni. 

Buona giornata!!:))))

Local guide
Le cantine - Winery

Goodmorning dear friends

I' m a sommelier and ambassador.

I wish my tips will be good. I want to explain you the differences between some types of wine , particural my opinion related to Prosecco  Valdobbiadene  Conegliano Docg, i' m also a winegrower and i produce Glera wich is the grapes that can be used in Prosecco production.

Nowadays the difference between this types of wine  like Prosecco Doc or Docg can be explained only with the knowledge of the territory. If you follow us you will be part of some particural, more than a blog, like a community of fine winelover.

      On pinterest and facebook you find the best guide to the places to visit and the wine , the cellars and much more.

     Find us on your contact account and be part of a very cute community here in Conegliano. Find me from the vineyards to the olives tree of my family, and connect you with a part of the magic world of Conegliano and Valdo.

Le cantine - Winery

Wonderful places and wine, contact us  at for any information

Our sommelier suggest you the best place to visit


 In the cellars described you can buy the products 

Exploring with you beautiful Conegliano Valdobbiadene  area

You are welcome 

Serre Prosecco
Le cantine - Winery


Valdobbiadene DOcg superior prosecco



This Dry sparkling wine is made from the best grapes produced in the "Rive di Combai area" near Valdobbiadene. It is light straw yellow colored and it has a light froth and a fine persistent perlage. Its flower and fruit notes recall the golden apple, the banana and the wisteria. This Prosecco has a peculiar sweetish and velvety flavour. good as an aperitif, it can be served at the end of a meal expecially with desserts and creamy desserts.

Technical Data: alcohol Vol. 11%; sugar content 22 g/l; 5 bar pressure at 20°C.

Serving temperature: 6-8°C. Please, carefully uncork.

Production area: steep vineyards located in Combai.

Vinification is the classical one without the skins using reductive techinques and a light cold maceration. the wine is fermented with clean must a controlled temperature and with selected yeast. The second fermentation takes place in steel  autoclaves at low temperature 12-14°C with the Charmat method.

Zardetto Spumanti
Le cantine - Winery

We wish to describe one of the most famous cellar of Conegliano area: Zardetto Spumanti.




The winery located in Ogliano, in the hills of Conegliano and produces, since

different generations, one of the best Prosecco Superiore of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene area.

In this area between Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto, Prosecco wine assumes fruity and good structure, body and salinity

The terroir gives to the grapes particular caratheristics.

The cool summer nights,  daily hot tempered, sun exposure of the vineyards, are  balanced almost perfectly.


The winery was enriched with a new vineyards, named St. Mor, located in the hills north of Conegliano, more close to Vittorio Veneto, Cozzuolo.


Zardetto  Prosecco,  impresses our senses, especially the "Tre Venti" Rive Ogliano, Prosecco Superiore DOCG.


The Banks (Rive in italian) of Prosecco Superiore, is a special designation


awarded to the most suitable areas of the Prosecco: just the best slopes of the hills (banks) where  Prosecco Superiore (DOCG-guaranteed) is produced

can boast this designation for Prosecco.


The Banks of Ogliano have unique feature,

Remember the name Rive, because you will find it only in the best bottles of Prosecco.


When choosing a Prosecco, especially a Conegliano and Valdobbiadene you should choose well.

 For me, the best types of prosecco Zardetto  is  Rive (Banks) denomination, you can’t miss it.


If you come to Conegliano, you can find Zardetto Prosecco in the bars of the historical center and in the most trendy cocktail bar.



 Buying Tips: you can buy Zardetto wines on Internet; a lot of online stores have Zardetto Prosecco. My advice is to focus on the type of Prosecco Conegliano and Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG (Guaranteed)!


 The renowned "Tre Venti"

treventi copy1

Rive of Ogliano

Conegliano and Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore 




fresh, fine and persistent.

Pleasant smell with hints typical fruity and floral,

golden apple and acacia flowers, small hints of banana.

Well structured!




Contacts and websites

You can write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Or visit:








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