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The "Piave" wines

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Here you can find a wonderfull description of the Piave area:

"The DOC Piave territory expands into a vast plain between the north-east borders of Treviso province (closed to Friuli region) till the mouth of the river Piave in Cortellazzo, the Conegliano spectacular hills and Montello-hills till the Venice inland. The vine cultivation in this area has ancient origin, but only from the beginning of 1900 started a more rationalized system through the planting of many vineyards according to the suggestions given by the Conegliano Experimental Station of Viticulture. More than 3000 hectares have been land-reclaimed and improved.

The first wine-cellars were built early 1950 and 1959. The "Consorzio di Tutela Vini del Piave" ( a consortium for the protection of the river Piave wines) was created. The soils are related to the river Piave, wich has fertilized these lands, took debris, changed the land morphology, from the ancient red-soils, west from Montello, to the stony soils and cly soils in the east area.

The Piave Wines are cultivated in the territory of about 50 Municipalities in the Treviso - Province and in about 12 in the Venice- Province.

The DOC Piave area offers a large soil variety and different microclimates wich permit to obtain wines very different one from the other.

After a long research on soils, vines and grapes, during 2007 started a project for

doc piave mappathe type-zoning in order to allocate the various vine-types in the most suitable land.

There is no general character for these wines. They are different one from the other with different history and, sometimes, also with different traditional production systems. International vines have been introduced in this area end of 1800 and they found here a habitat suitable to their character.

The most famous wines are: Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Carmenere, but probably the most peculiar is Raboso.

Other great wines are produced in some small districts closed in this area: the most famous is Prosecco, but Refosco, 

Riesling, Malbech andverduzzo Trevigiano are also great wines for connoisseurs."


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