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Conegliano and Valdobbiadene
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Conegliano and Valdobbiadene

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My roots are in the hills closed to Conegliano, so I am proud to say that this small town, (abt. 40000 inhabitants), famous as a dynamic industrial site, is sorrounded by wonderful hills painted with vineyards. Conegliano is my town, were I go  out to have a Prosecco in the many wine-bars located in the pedestrian old town

Conegliano is worth for a visit: it's origin can be found in 10th century a.C. and is the town of the famous painter Giovan Battista Cima ( a famous painting dated 1493 can be admired in the Duomo - first building on the 14th c. a.C.)

Valdobbiadene is about 35 km far from Conegliano, toward North - West. It's a smaller town (abt. 12000 inhabitants). Here the slopes of the hills are very steep and this makes the cultivation oh Prosecco very hard, almost everything by hand, without the aid of machinery.

The third corner of the triangle is the town of Vittorio Veneto, also sorrounded by prosperous hills, that I raccomend for a visit at the historical old town of Serravalle.

The wine Prosecco DOCG (Conegliano and Valdobbiadene) has superior organoleptic qualities, has a slightly dry-to-dry , fruity and delicate taste depending on the ground and the hills but always with a unique strong charachter. 

 Every hill (locally called "riva") has its own peculiarities permitting grapes to ripe differently from place to place and the Prosecco-wine collects scents and fruity tastes.

Every hill has a different sun-exposure and different soil. All these elements affect the ability of the fruit to produce sugar. Most sunny grapes ripe differently producing more sugar.

On the "Rive di Combai", a lovely village closed to Valdobbiadene, the tenants are fighting every day with the very difficult morphology of their hills making very hard all kind of manual or technical work, but the location and sun exposure is unique. The sun is shining all day long, there is considerable termal shock between night and day (summer nights are cool) and the soil is rich in humus.

 The Conegliano Hills are very peculiar too. The slopes are more gentle and therefore easier to cultivate. The Hills of San Pietro di Feletto, Formeniga and Vittorio Veneto are a great place for the glera  vines.






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