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Red wines from Toscana and Piemonte

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If you speak about Italian red wines we think immediately to Tuscany  and Piedmont, homelands  of the best Italian Red wines : Chianti and Barolo.

Tuscany is an enchanted land, which offers beautiful scenery and exceptional wines.

poggio CHIANTI

The vines cultivated here are numerous:  Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, Colorino, Syrah, Malvasia Nera and Aleatico (all with red berry) while the others with white berry are Trebbiano Toscano, Canaiolo Bianco, vermentino, Malvasia Bacca Lunga (Malvasia Toscana) e Ansonica (o Inzolia)

Starting from Chianti wine, in our website you can buy also different kind of wines: from Morellino di Scansano to Brunello di Montalcino, all top quality range  and that best expression of  the territory from which they come.

Chianti Classico DOCG: an authentic top quality wine!

Past in 1938 when we can find the first document that reports the name Chianti approached to the Tuscany region.

There  are different areas of production in Tuscany, all with particular characteristics. The production area determines sometimes a strong minerality and a fresh acidity, the tannins are often impetuous in youth, while in other areas (in the south of the DOCG production area) we can find richest wines, with more alcohol   and softness.

Food pairings:  a wine to match with Tuscan salami, liver pate terrine of game, furred game casserole, pork shoulder roast or lamb accompanied by mushrooms and potatoes.


Piedmont is a region that boasts a great production of quality wines and some of its wines represent the best of Italian production.

The main vine, from which we obtain the best red wines is Nebbiolo, which is referred to as main grape in many DOCG.

Other red grape varieties popular in the region are Barbera, Bracchetto, Freisa, Dolcetto.

Other very famous  white grapes are  Muscat Blanc, Arneis, Erbaluce, Cortese.

We at White Passion-vinidianteo we are creating a fine selection of these wines in our wine shop.

Top wine: Barolo DOCG

The greatness of this wine comes from the strong bond that man has formed over time with these lands. The Barolo more "Classic" arises from the assembly of Nebbiolo grapes from vineyards situated in different areas of the Langhe with soils which have very different morphologies and exposures between them, even if today you share the vision that tends to enhance not only the complexity and fullness of Barolo cuvée but also the peculiar typicality that can suggest specific plots of land or specific vineyards (sorì).

The excellent results achieved over the years have highlighted some specific areas, identifying and categorizing them as true crus. The spectrum of organoleptic Barolo is unique, incomparable, in continuous and long evolution with the passing years. The wine shows a ruby red color tending to initially, not very intense, but vivid and brilliant, with reflexes that over the years come to be overwhelmed by ruby notes, and the entire color spectrum begins to be this shade, with reflections that, in gold time, they begin to turn to  brick colour and finally orange. The bouquet is complex and fascinating, unique and goes with notes of cherries to cherries in brandy, from prunes clove and gradually evolving, with hints of tar, burnt wood, dried violet petals, earth, dried mushrooms , licorice roots. On the palate it shows almost always in line with the olfactory sensations, revived in the best cases from an invigorating verve balsamic. Live in acidity and calibrated in terms of alcoholic warmth, Barolo plays most of his majesty through the behavior of its tannic weave,  that even as a young man is grumpy, but sweet at the same time. Over the years, texture tends to refine, to be silky, subtle, velvety, unexpected elegance and softness.

The persistence, despite its tannic austerity proposes perceptions of roots and bark, is enlivened by the acidity of raspberry and a paradigmatic progression and length.

Serving suggestions: to be consumed together with an ox cheek stew, roast a woodcock, a civet of hare or royal.

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